We are Storytellers

Growing up glued to the TV, we are addicted to compelling narratives. 



Born and raised on Vancouver Island,
Brad has garnered a passion for creating.
After studying film & creative writing at
the University of Victoria, Brad went on
to focus on creating content on a regular
basis. He currently works at the Princess
Theatre, Edmonton's oldest surviving cinema. 

Likes: HBO, wool socks, and Tommy Wiseau.
Dislikes: Sporks.  



Living in Victoria BC for over fifteen
years, Brian has nearly mastered the
Island's ins and outs. Traveling frequently,
he is always seeking new adventures and
challenges to put under his belt. As an
active member in both his church and
community, Brian consistently rises
to the occasion, striving for quality results. 

Likes: Seinfeld, motorcycles, James Franco. 
Dislikes: Wet sleeves.